Sharon Rayner Yoga

Hi I’m Sharon! I teach gentle yoga flow. I’m passionate about helping you develop a consistent morning yoga practice so you can go from feeling achy, stiff and tired, to becoming the happier, more energised morning person you really want to be.

My classes are a mixture of slow flow sequences and stable postures, with particular attention to the breath, and alignment options for a range of abilities.

My Yoga Story

From Yoga Student…

Most people remember their first yoga class well. But mine was 30 years ago when I started university. I don’t remember the style, I just remember it being relaxing, and also thinking it was funny that my friend was snoring at the end.

For years, I dabbled in different types of fitness classes and videos, and attended various styles of yoga classes and workshops. I mostly focused on getting a fit body, and didn’t really think too much about the health benefits of a movement practice.

Then, I discovered Vinyasa Yoga. This style of yoga involves flowing from one pose to the next, and is considered a moving meditation. It connects one posture to the next using the breath. 

From 2005, I began practicing Vinyasa Yoga regularly, mostly at home with DVDs by Holistic Yoga Flow teachers, Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom.

I felt better in my body, especially in my joints, and I resolved some hip and back pain and stiffness (likely caused by working in an office). My breathing and posture improved, and my stress levels reduced.

An unexpected benefit was that after a Vinyasa Yoga class, I felt happier. General exercise can definitely improve mood, but the mental benefits of a Yoga Flow class went beyond what I had previously experienced.

…To Yoga Teacher

When I’m not doing yoga, I work as a Freelance Medical Writer. So, when I decided to take a yoga teacher training, it wasn’t to teach, but rather to delve deeper and learn more about the practice. I completed a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in 2018.

During my training, I discovered that I love teaching! Importantly, I have noticed a common theme among students. They often want a slow, simple class. Those students who have tried other yoga classes often find them too fast or advanced.

Since my initial teacher training, I have taken additional courses in specific techniques that benefit beginner-level students.

Online Yoga Business

As a lifelong learner, I continue to take additional yoga trainings. For example, I have trained specifically in the art of teaching beginners.

In addition, I decided to learn about the world of online yoga business and teaching. I enrolled in Virtual Vinyasa Academy (VVA; Ashley Hagen, Ashes Yoga).

I have exciting goals to create online classes and courses to help as many people as possible benefit from a slow and simple Yoga Flow practice.



Sharon is a yoga teacher focused on adapting the practice for beginners, people who want to keep their practice slow and simple, and (in a one-to-one setting) those working around a physical injury or limitation. She is passionate about helping people increase strength, flexibility, balance, and achieve a calm mind, through yoga that is taught in an accessible and gentle way.



  • *Virtual Vinyasa Academy (Ashley Hagen, Ashes Yoga)

  • *The Art of Teaching Beginners (Jason Crandell)

  • *The Art of Yoga Sequencing (Jason Crandell)

  • *Teaching Chair-Based Yoga Workshop (Nathalie Wilhelm, Live Love Yoga)

  • *Sequencing With Intention Workshop (Nathalie Wilhelm, Live Love Yoga)

  • *200-Hour YTT, Vinyasa Yoga (Nathalie Wilhelm, Live Love Yoga)

  • *Diploma in Integrated Hypnotherapy (ISIS Centre, Brighton)
  • *NLP Practitioner Certificate (Bandler, McKenna, Neill)
  • *Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner Level 1 and 2 (Phil Grant)
  • *Transcendental Meditation (TM) Training (Brighton)
  • *PhD, Biochemistry (Professor F Anne Stephenson, School of Pharmacy, London)
  • *First Degree, Biochemistry (University of Kent at Canterbury)