Sharon Rayner Yoga

My beginner friendly yoga will help you resolve stress, aches and pains and gently create a stronger more flexible body and calmer mind.

Classes are in person (Littlehampton West Sussex) and on Zoom (live + replays). 

You have a strong desire to feel good. In your body, your mind, or perhaps both. But where do you start…?

You’ve decided it’s time to give yourself the love and attention your body and mind need. And you think yoga might be the way.

🙃 Maybe you’ve never been to a yoga class.

🙃 Maybe you did yoga in the distant past.

🙃 Maybe you’ve tried yoga and found it too advanced or fast.

  • 🙃 Or maybe you’re a regular exerciser or yogi and looking for a slower yoga flow practice.

However you found your way here. I want you to know you are in the right place.

Sharon Rayner Yoga exists so I can help you resolve stress, aches and pains. And gently create a stronger, more flexible body and calmer mind.

Through beginner friendly yoga classes in Littlehampton and online. It’s time to stop putting yourself last, and take a step towards feeling physically and mentally healthier. With me as your yoga teacher guide.

Beginner Friendly Yoga

At the heart Sharon Rayner Yoga is dynamic breath-based mindful movement. In-person (Littlehampton) and online classes are for YOU if you are a beginner, returner, or seasoned exerciser or yogi. With precise cueing and options for a range of abilities. You don’t have to do advanced or fast movements. You can feel confident following along, and add consistent movement and calm to your life.

Access and Support from Sharon

During your yoga journey, I can help you customise moves with variations for YOUR body. Join live in-person (Littlehampton) or online (Zoom) and we can chat after class. Or access one-to-one support from me in the way that works best for you. You’ll feel supported and confident that you’re progressing towards your physical and mental health goals.


Yoga classes are great at bringing together a like-minded community of people. My in-person classes are welcoming, fun and friendly. And online, you don’t need to go it alone. You can access the membership community in live sessions and the Morning Reset Online Yoga members’ Facebook group. You’ll feel supported, connected, and motivated with your yoga practice and personal goals.

Yoga Classes + Videos

Online and On-Demand Yoga

Beginner friendly online and on-demand yoga with Sharon

Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK

Group and one-to-one yoga with Sharon

Meet Sharon 😊

Hi this is Sharon!

I teach dynamic breath-based mindful movement suitable for beginners and returners to yoga through to advanced practitioners who want a slower yoga flow practice.

I’m passionate about helping you to consistently take care of your body and mind and take on your life with more ease.

You can join me in person or online, and be part of a friendly and fun like-minded community of people.

Happy Yoga Students

“Simply wonderful, I feel as I am in the room with you. Thank you.” -Olivia K

“I have recommended Sharon’s class to all my friends. It’s a very friendly class and Sharon is a superb teacher!” -Jan S

“Perfect for beginners. Sharon has a lot of knowledge and demonstrates amazing techniques and different strength options to meet individual abilities.” -Kristina M

 “Lovely gentle flow sequences, Sharon. I really enjoyed this session – keep them coming please!” -Catherine S

“Sharon’s is a special yoga class that doesn’t forget the spiritual foundations of yoga. As a practising meditator, that’s very important to me.” -David R

FREE Guide (PDF)

3 Tips For A Confident Yoga Practice

These tips will help you gain confidence with attending yoga classes, and empower you to enjoy a strong and sustainable yoga practice.